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We’re Just Fucking Stubborn

  1. A writer who’s coming for me in the comments

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From Flirty Banter to Workplace Candor

And how to create them

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I Said “Simple,” Not Easy

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From A to Z


You have a tendency to make everything about you.


You’re thirsty and a feminist.

Credit Karma

You’re the only one of your friends with a 401(k).


You enjoy bragging about your next trip to Paris…Missouri.


You specialize in “ballin’ on a budget.”


You’re only full of bullshit 50% of the time.



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Turning your past experience into a cohesive story

Man sitting at a computer while shrugging.
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10 simple truths about life as a working professional

  1. We make the best decisions we can with the information we have.
    It’s easy to assume (most) adults have…

Angry person looking at their laptop.
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You’re the One Who Asked for Fewer Meetings

The “Pre-Meeting” Email

OK, so you usually appreciate a heads up before blindly walking into a meeting, but this email is the definition of “overboard.” It’s basically a transcript for the meeting you haven’t had yet and it includes an agenda, questions to consider, risks, blockers, next steps, and even retorts to your…

Person standing in front of a whiteboard with their back to the viewer.
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The Science Behind Startups

Man holding out his hand to shake hands.
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Don’t Worry — You Still Get A Shit Ton of Branded Swag

Meeting co-workers


You and and a bunch of white dudes with beards got ushered around the office like some sort of homogeneous parade as people uncomfortably called out, “Fresh meat walking!”


You and a bunch of white dudes with beards take turns awkwardly introducing yourselves during the company’s monthly all-hands video call…

Billy Frazier

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile.

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