Do You Want to Work In Tech?

UX design is the simplest way to make the leap.

Billy Frazier
3 min readJul 24, 2023
A woman smiling at a coworker while she types on a laptop.
Credit: Pexels

I can already hear the mob of UX designers with their pixel perfect pitchforks and torches burning at a bright #FF4900 coming to tear me limb from limb.

After all, no one likes it when you claim their job is “simple.” It feels dismissive and condescending.

Regardless, UX design is simple.

(Notice I said “simple” and not “easy.” As you quickly learn, nothing in tech is easy).

At it’s core, UX design is simple — it’s all about designing products and services for people using research, data, and testing instead of personal preference or opinion.

Per usual, most of us agree on why UX design exists and how we do it — by using some flavor of design thinking — but things start getting complicated when it comes to the what. People start getting wrapped up in what research method is the most accurate or what design program is best.

I’ve been working as a UX designer in tech for over a decade now and I’ve noticed something across the board:

Designers like to overcomplicate and nitpick so others will take us seriously.

We’re not special — everyone in tech feels this way.



Billy Frazier

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