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  • Herbert Lui

    Herbert Lui

    Covering creative careers and expectations (psychology). Author, “Creative Doing” (Holloway, 2021) Editorial director, WorkOS

  • Sandra Wendel

    Sandra Wendel

    A picky nonfiction editor who helps authors write, polish, and publish their books. Author: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing.

  • Nico Ryan

    Nico Ryan

    Ph.D. Candidate | Technical Writer-Editor | Philosopher | TikTok: | Website: | Newsletter:

  • John Zeratsky

    John Zeratsky

    Supporting startups with capital and sprints. Co-founder and general partner at Character. Author of Sprint and Make Time. Former partner at GV.

  • The Atlantic

    The Atlantic

    Syndicated stories from The Atlantic

  • Nick DiLallo

    Nick DiLallo

  • Paola Mariselli

    Paola Mariselli

    Design Leader · Career Coach · Startup Advisor · Public Speaker

  • José Torre

    José Torre

    Designer. Working at Shopify by day. Being Halfool on Youtube & Instagram by night.

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