Hi, Luana! First of all, I really do want to thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I also want to apologize for this gross oversight. In no way was I intentionally making a statement about the role of women in entrepreneurship. I’ve worked at my local coworking center for over three years now, and I loosely based each of these characters off of someone specific. Your observation brings up a very important concern: there is still a lack of opportunity for women across the board. Entrepreneurship is no different. In an ideal world, entrepreneurial success would solely be based execution of an idea; this is not reality. There is systemic sexism within workplaces, venture capital firms, and most other places one could think of. I really am sorry if I played a part in reinforcing this sexism. Per your comment, I went back and edited each character using “they,” “their,” or “them” instead of “he” or “her.” I will be much more conscious of this point in future “People You Meet” articles.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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