Hi Sharifa!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! The title was meant to address the lack of diversity when tech companies hire in a self-aware, tongue-in-check way. I don’t think it necessarily got my foot in the door, but I do think once first contact was made, it helped made the interviewers “more comfortable” since they were interested viewing someone like them. In my mind, that’s the main, underlying issue.

As for whether or not I would have accepted it, that is a very good question. I went back and forth every single day, and at this point, I’m still not sure I could answer. I can tell you that if I would have tell it, I 100% would have done everything in my power to do something about this issue from the inside out. But, as always, things happen for a reason. So, full steam ahead!

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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