I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

As I mentioned to Crystal, communicating value is one of the most important tasks for any business owner that is often overlooked.

In a perfect world, clients would already understand and acknowledge this. As we quickly learned after 2016, this world is far less than perfect.

Personally, I think about communicating value as part of branding and positioning yourself. I tend to break it down into four questions:

  1. Who are you? (Designer and writer)
  2. What do you do? (Design brands, build blogs, start businesses)
  3. Whom do you help? (Students, other freelancers, nine-to-fivers)
  4. Most importantly, what value do you provide? (Help take their initial idea from zero to one as quickly as possible)

Thanks again for reading!

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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