I’m Hungover

Like most Sunday nights, it’s hard to focus. Even writing this is harder than it should be, considering it’s a simple stream of consciousness.

I’m distracted and slightly sleep deprived.

Why you might ask? Simple. I’m 29 and it’s the end of yet another weekend.

Unfortunately, this isn’t that unusual. It’s how the average 29-year-old probably feels on any given Sunday.

The thing is, I don’t want to be average. I want to accomplish more than I did yesterday. I want to make an impact felt by people all over.

I want to help build ideas, connect others, and share what I know through writing.

These are not average goals. Ordinary actions like getting drunk every weekend will not translate to success while making these things happen.

It will take above-average discipline, focus, and hard work instead of beer pong, brunch, and binge-watching Netflix.

Deep down inside, I know this. I always have.

In fact, I actively remind myself of this by journaling. Every morning, I try to write down three actions I can take during the day in order to move the needle forward. A lot of times I complete these three tasks; most times I don’t.

As disappointing as this is, it isn’t always about the end result. It’s about the process. I usually look back through past pages and notice certain actions that remain unchecked.

As you can probably imagine, these actions require a lot of focus and energy. In one way or another, they are harder than responding to emails or making phone calls. They take time, energy, or courage.

I can’t easily knock them out in between beers on a Saturday night. Instead, I have to devote minutes, even hours of uninterrupted time, in order to see them through.

Unfortunately, it will take more discipline, which is something I don’t always have. I will have to say, “No” to friends in order to say, “Yes” to myself, sacrificing loud bars for quiet time alone with my own thoughts.

No one else can make these decisions for me since I am responsible for meeting my own expectations. As much as we all love our friends and they love us, humans are selfish creatures. When given a decision, we want our friends to choose us over anything else; even over progress.

I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I come across this decision.

But not tonight.

Tonight, I’m hungover.

William Frazier is a designer, writer, and founder who blogs about making ideas happen at The Imperfectionist. You can find him on Twitter.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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