Daily Thought: July 12, 2018

I tend to be pretty hard on myself.

I frequently think that, after fumbling through the past decade, I should have more figured out.

Then again, I bet everyone feels this way, no matter how successful they might be.

We all have expectations of who we should be — funny, smart, talented, good in bed. Unfortunately for us, they usually fall short when it comes to who we are in real life.

Personally, I want to be known as an empathetic listener who is confidently creating my own path while helping others to do the same. Sadly, I can be impatient, scatterbrained, and extremely stubborn.

As you can see, expectation and reality don’t always see eye to eye.

In the past, this disconnect caused me a lot of frustration and disappointment mainly because I wasn’t aware it even existed.

I’ve learned that part of growing up means acknowledging this discrepancy while being more realistic when it comes to managing my own expectations (even more so when working with others).

Now if only I could manage my expectations when it comes to the size of my puppy’s bladder…

William Frazier is a designer, writer, and founder who blogs about making ideas happen at The Imperfectionist. You can find him on Twitter.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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