Principles for Better Communication

These will make your personal and professional life much easier

Billy Frazier


Man screaming on a telephone.
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In today’s world of remote working and work/life imbalance, communication is more important than ever.

Whether we’re joining our daily Microsoft Teams call with co-workers or hopping on a Zoom happy hour with friends, we’re desperate to connect with others while being heard and understood.

Even before a worldwide pandemic fundamentally changed the way we connect with others, one truth still remained:

Life gets easier with better communication.

From telling a joke that makes people laugh to having a conversation that lands you a new promotion, better communication makes it easier to get what you want.


This might sound straightforward, but what exactly does “better” mean and what type of “communication” are we talking about?

Better communication is communication that makes it easier to accomplish a specific goal, whatever it may be.

Using our earlier examples, if you’re telling a joke, better communication means making people actually laugh. If you’re writing an email to your boss explaining why you deserve a promotion, then better communication means convincing them to meet face-to-face.

Since communication is a broad term (and I’m always a fan of finding more specific, meaningful words), we’re talking about different methods of communication: writing, speaking, etc.

Good communication is good no matter how you communicate, which makes it easier to learn principles for better communication because they are format agnostic.

Now that we’re on the same page, you’re probably wondering, “This all sounds good, but how exactly do you communicate better?”

Here are principles for better communication regardless of where and how:

Intent is important

Have you ever opened your mouth without knowing what you wanted to say As a straight, white guy, I’ve done this more times than I care to admit and…



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