Daily Thought: July 13, 2018

I used to hate coffee.

In fact, in order to drink it during my first internship, I had to cut it with a pack of hot cocoa (I know, adulting on a whole other level).

As I’ve gotten older, coffee plays a much larger part in my life.

It’s not that I’m a coffee snob (my “refined” palate stops at cold brew), I just love using it to meet new people.

If you ask me, grabbing coffee is a perfect, low pressure way to meet up and connect with others. From dating to networking, it takes the pressure off and makes things a little more approachable.

Plus, if things go south, it doesn’t take long to finish a cappuccino.

If you haven’t already, consider setting up a coffee meeting fund for your or you college grad.

I guarantee you won’t regret the money you spend while learning from others.

William Frazier is a designer, writer, and founder who blogs about making ideas happen at The Imperfectionist. You can find him on Twitter.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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