The ABC’s of COVID-19

Don’t Act Like a Toddler

The only reason your laptop is open right now.

Your new drink of choice regardless of what time it is.

The beer you’re still irrationally avoiding.

The only drive thru you’re craving.

What you probably aren’t (and your spouse continues to remind you).

The only thing keeping you company.

You’re go-to when it’s your turn to “make” dinner.

Your new reason for wanting to pay teachers wayyy more.

What everyone is now using to star in their own at-home talk show.

The game made for social distancing before social distancing was cool.

Your last line of defense before wiping your butt with coffee filters.

The only brand that matters.

Your newest DIY endeavor.

Why you aren’t making sourdough…yet.

Your go-to pastime for online verbal harassment from angsty preteens.

The board game that just became real life.

What you now call every drink.

What you should be doing instead of watching Riverdale for the third time.

Your newest hobby after you finished Netflix. All of it.

The secret stockpile in your storage closet, under your bed, and in your safe.

What you shouldn’t be using right now (or probably ever).

What vacuum companies are apparently making now.

Your source for accurate information about the Coronavirus.

The last thing we need right now (or ever).

What you shouldn’t be saying before meeting friends at a bar (because you probably shouldn’t be meeting friends at a bar).

The easiest way for you and your friends to day drink on a Monday afternoon. Or a Tuesday morning. Or during a Wednesday happy hour. Or really anytime you aren’t out of boxed wine.

William Frazier is an experience designer, founder, and writer who is productively fumbling his way through a creative career. He’s also on Twitter.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile.

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