The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need

As A Freshman in College

TL;DR: Trial-and-error is the best way to spend your time in college. Learning what you don’t want is as important (or more) than learning what you do want.

Think for yourself.

Too many of you will feel pressure from friends, family members, and other authority figures to choose a major, put your head down, and leave this pivotal period of time with a piece of paper that simply says you know how to study and take tests.

Don’t focus on your formal education. Focus on your self-education.

Don’t worry so much about grades. In the long run, straight As don’t guarantee happiness.


This all-consuming feeling will stay with you until one day, it will rear its ugly head and cause you to sadly reminisce about “the good ‘ol days.”

Don’t worry; you have the next four years to make the decision.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile.

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