Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks

Have you enrolled at the school of hard knocks?

Trick question. You’re already here. Much like the poor kid above, if you don’t open your eyes, your education here will rock you in the face.

It’s the only education everyone receives, even if you’ve never been to school. Don’t let this fool you. This doesn’t mean that everyone starts on an even playing field.

There was no “freshman orientation.”

Your education here lasts roughly 118 semesters. It doesn’t measure progress by GPA. It doesn’t even guarantee a diploma (or any pomp circumstance for that matter).

The only thing it does guarantee is that like most things in life, you will get out what you put in.

You can take as many courses as you like, depending on how motivated you are and how much you actually want to learn.

Your professors are your friends, coworkers, and people from all over the world via the Internet.

Your textbooks are now free and only a search bar away.

Each day is a pop quiz in which you were never given the answers to.

You can take as many breaks as you want. But know, there is always someone else in the library, studying and preparing.

You decide when to show up and when you are ready for the next class. In fact, you decide which classes to even take.

You can choose to work on groups projects or by yourself. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you will never be successful without help from others.

This may all sound a little disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be freeing, if you let it. The sooner you come to terms with this, the quicker you can make it work for you.

The best part about the school of hard knocks is that it is completely customized to you. Your experience here will be completely different than everyone else’s.

You have the power and autonomy to guide your own education here.

What are you waiting for? School is in session and there is plenty to get done.

How is your education at the school of hard knocks going? Leave a comment below, reach out to me on Twitter at @williamfrazr, or shoot me a message.

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I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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