What Your Favorite Food Says About You

You are what you eat.

Billy Frazier
2 min readJul 27, 2023


Apple Pie

You’re a red-blooded American who has a sweet tooth.


You’re a red-blooded American who hasn’t seen a doctor in years.


You leave your mark. Everywhere.


You’re everyone’s favorite even though you’re not that good for them.

Easy Mac

You somehow get ready in five minutes flat no what you’re doing.


You’re a little salty but you always keep it real.

Grilled Cheese

You pair well with others.


You’ll do anything for a laugh.

Ice Cream

You’re there when your friends need you most.


Your friends usually find you at a random gas station after a night out.

Kettle Corn

You’re sweet and salty.


You’ve got a lot of layers.




Billy Frazier

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