What Your Favorite Tech Company Says About You

You have a tendency to make everything about you.

You’re thirsty and you respect women.

You’re the only one of your friends with a 401(k).

You have a travel blog that shares the, “10 Greatest Things To Do in Branson, Missouri!”

You know how to “ball on a budget.”

You’re only full of bullshit 50% of the time.

You’re that annoying friend who makes everyone else feel dumb for not knowing the definition of a word when, in reality, you looked it up a few minutes ago.

You’ve rewatched Game of Thrones 10 times…on someone else’s account.

You waste wayyy too much time on the toilet.

You’re always ready to put some schmear on that schmekel.

You’re really good at tricking your friends into giving you money.

You’re lazy AND woke.

Everything in your life turns into a think piece.

You’re deathly afraid of commitment.

You’re thirsty, but you’re willing to wait for the one.

You have a mood board for your mood boards.

You’re the king/queen of unsolicited advice.

You live in the #random Slack channel at work.

You manage to have entire conversations at work using nothing but GIFs.*
*Pronounced “Guh-iffs”

You’re just plain thirsty.

You’re more lazy than you are woke.

You never carry cash. Ever.

You’re boring yet dependable.

Your friends are worried that you spend too much time alone in your mom’s basement working on God-knows-what.

You have a B.S. in procrastinating.

You email your significant other a link to your dream home…every few hours.

William Frazier is an designer, founder, and writer who is productively fumbling his way through a creative career. He’s also on Twitter.

I’m a designer and writer who enjoys making people smile. https://www.billyfrazier.is/

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