Why You Are The Best Dad in the World

I know today is supposed to be the day when I tell you how much you me to me.

Honestly? I wish I made more time to tell you each day.

Over the 27 years of my life, you’ve taken me to little league games, Tae Kwan Do practices, drawing classes, family vacations, college visits, and countless other experiences that made me who I am today.

There are obvious reasons for thanking dads all over the world, but I want to thank you for one particular reason.

Dad, thank you for supporting my decisions in life. Whether you agreed with me in the past or not, you truly understand and support why I’m doing what I’m doing today.

This unconditional understanding and support is honestly the best gift you could have ever given me, especially because it isn’t easy to come by. Because of you, I feel like I will make a positive difference in the world. How could I not with the example you’ve given me?

This example is also something that I strive for each day. You have given your life to make the lives of others better. In my mind, there is no greater success in life.

Thank you for actually believing in me and continually supporting my endeavors. My only hope is that I will not only live up to my own expectations, but become even a fraction of the man you are today.

I love you more than I could ever say. Happy Father’s Day (even though one day is nowhere near enough time to say how much you mean to me).



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